Galleries of Contemporary Art

Galleries of Contemporary Art

The GOCA Mission

To spark engaged dialogue about contemporary culture through visual art exhibitions, public programs, and special events that articulate aesthetics, current issues and diverse perspectives for a wide range of audiences.


Art WithOut Limits

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Art WithOut Limits

Art WithOut Limits features temporary projects outside the confines of the gallery walls, from international, national and regional artists and collectives.

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Visiting Artists + Critics Series

October 11th | 6:00pm - 7:00pm Gregg Deal

November 3rd | 6:00pm - 7:00pm Lauren Rosenthal McManus

Mindful Movement Mondays

GOCA Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesdays

Marie Walsh Sharpe Gallery inside of Ent Center for the Arts
Every Wednesday, 12 - 1 pm

Past exhibitions and events

The GOCA Vision

We can see the future: GOCA will be the leader in producing and providing access to significant contemporary art experiences of national and international relevance in the region.

Most importantly, GOCA is a social place. We're an institution that's about you, our friends and visitors. When we think about upcoming exhibitions and lectures, we're thinking about you and what you might think is cool/fun/challenging/exciting/new. We're a place for the people, where exhibitions are free, refreshments are plentiful and humor is welcome.

Our Goals

  1. Offer

    Diverse opportunities for visitors to engage with new ideas, aesthetics and cultural perspectives through exhibitions, programs, lectures

  2. Promote

    And exhibit excellent work in contemporary visual art

  3. Emphasize

    Work outside the gallery through site-­specific installations, performances and happenings

  4. Increase

    Public awareness and support for GOCA

  5. Collect

    And analyze visitor feedback